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Discover What Most People Don't Know
This new way of empowering your dealership is the key to recharging and taking back control of profit and retention and its only attainable through our new Auto Membership platform.
Our system is different
The platform we use makes our membership engaging.

You can learn fast: modules are short, available 24/7, and best of all, effective!

The platform is simple to use: just click and go!

We have accountable reporting on training accomplishment.

We are consistent: we have new content every month, daily coaching, and everything is available online.

We are counter-intuitive: many of our concepts come from OUTSIDE the auto industry.

We are modern. We know social media, online channels and the latest in online marketing methods.

What's in it for you?
When you join the membership, take the courses and participate in coaching and discussion, we are certain that your dealership will increase profits.

Imagine your team happy, work becomes more enjoyable, there's less pain and drama in your office and your team is working well together. That is our goal for you!

How do you know this is real?
An entire system was created around the success of our co-founder's sales, sales management, and SaaS was developed to take it to the next level.
The team at Auto Membership includes multiple awards winner Ozel Djemal and a 4x Mercedes-Benz Sales Guild winner, and they will be your training coaches.
Maybe you've already tried a lot of things already to get your dealership to grow and failed.

Maybe you've trusted or hired the wrong people to grow your business.

Maybe you've focused on the wrong things.

Maybe you've already spent a lot of money on training and didn't get very far.

The industry has always been metal-focused and car manufacturers always have moving targets, making it difficult to hit them consistently. This is the accepted norm.

And the internet has changed the landscape. Instead of just the official websites for car manufacturers, there are now many independent online sites, all competing for traffic and customers. Large buying groups are able to get better pricing and terms on goods and services.

Every day that you don't strive to adapt, your dealership is losing power in the market.

The competition is going to get ahead.

So stop a sliding trend!

The business is changing, and so should you.

The system that we have developed has become the basis for software that has translated into multiple industries.

Our system has won us awards. We believe in our system, and we believe it can help you!
How does it work?
  • training modules
  • peer-to-peer forum discussion
  • coaching questions answered daily
  • live monthly training calls
  • Industry news and insights
  • 10 Seats from the same dealership gets dealer reporting and Dealership performance review
    (Think of it as having an extra General Manager who is online-savvy!)
How can I get started?
1. Click on the Get Started button below
2. Fill in your payment details and complete your order
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4. Login and start taking your first course!
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